Best Posters and Presentations

EMPC-2019 Best Posters and Presentations

Papers accepted for EMPC Conferences are presented either in Poster Oral or Presentation Oral sessions according to the recommendation by the referees of the most suitable form of presentation of that paper. All such presentations are accompanied by full technical papers.  Judges recommending Best Poster and Best Oral slide presentation assess both the technical content of the full paper and the quality of oral presentation when recommending awards.

We are pleased that many papers received very high marks by the judges, which led to the awards of Best Poster and Best Paper, with the runners-up receiving recognition of Outstanding / Excellent.

The Recipients of Best Poster and Best Paper, awarded at the Closing Ceremony of EMPC-2019 on 19th September 2019 are:

# Christian Schwarzer for his paper and poster presentation on ‘Investigation of Pressureless Sintered Interconnections on Plasma Based Additive Copper Metallization for 3-Dimentional Ceramic Substrates in High Temperature Applications

# Stoyan Stoyanov for his paper and talk on ‘Packaging Challenges and Reliability Performance of Compound Semiconductor Focal Plane Arrays


Best Poster
Best Paper

Also receiving very high marks were the runners-up - listed below in alphabetical order:

# Greg Caswell Can Electrolytic Capacitors Meet the Demands of High Reliability Applications?

# Zeynep Gökdeniz Behaviour of Silver-Sintered Joints by Cyclic Mechanical Loading and Influence of Temperature’

# Sandy Klengel ‘Influence of copper wire material to corrosion resistant packages  and systems for high temperature applications’

# Hoang-Vu Nguyen Reworkable Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive for Assembly of Medical Devices’

# Fabien Piallat ALD Coatings to Mitigate Against Tin Whiskers and Upgrade the Environmental Durability of Electronic Circuit Boards’