Call for papers


Researchers and innovators in industry and academia are cordially invited to prepare to submit papers on the range of Microelectronics and Photonics Technologies, for oral or poster presentation at the Conference.  Please click on to set up an account, then upload your Abstract and allocate it to the relevant topic heading.  The Abstract must be informative - comprising a summary of the objective, the methodology and the results and include one or two graphics of your intended paper. Abstracts must not exceed 800 words and must be formatted as a single column.

The deadline for submitting Abstracts is February 5th 2019 (extended deadline) - SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. NOW WITH REFEREES . Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of referees and full papers accepted for the Conference will be considered for inclusion in IMAPS Source and IEEE Xplore. If you have queries, please contact 






ADVANCED PACKAGING Single Chip and Multi Chip Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, 3D-WLP, 3D-IC, CoB, SiP, SoC, Systems-Integration Technologies, Embedded Passives on Wafers and Substrates, High Frequency and High Power Packaging, LTCC Technologies, Micro-Vias and Build-Up Technologies, Lab-on-Chip, Lab-on-Substrate, Molecular Electronics.
SUBSTRATE TECHNOLOGIES Inorganics, Organics, Co-fired, Flexibles, HD PCBs, Laminates, Printed, Microfluidics, Substrates Design and Technologies.
INTERCONNECTION TECHNOLOGIES Thick and Thin Film Technologies, Wire Bonding, Bumping, Flip Chip Bonding, Cu/Low-k Wafers, Through Silicon Vias, Advances in Soldering, Adhesive Joining, Connectors.
MORE THAN MOORE The future of IC shrinkage, the future options for IC packaging.
MEMS MEMS Based Sensors and Actuators Packaging, RF-MEMS, Optical MEMS, Bio-MEMS, WiFi modules.
OPTOELECTRONICS Silicon Photonics, Power LED Assembly, Packaging and Light Guiding, Packaging of Optoelectronic Modules suitable for Gb/s Fibre Optic Communication, LiFi modules.
SOLAR ENERGY & PHOTOVOLTAICS Packaging Design to improve Efficiency of Photovoltaic modules, Reliability and Qualification Approaches.
NANO TECHNOLOGIES Smart Materials, Interconnections, Nano-Scale Packaging: Applications and Reliability.
GREEN ELECTRONICS Recovery and Recycling, Base material technologies.
MEDICAL ELECTRONICS Applications, Design, Development, Manufacturing that comply with complex and demanding regulations and market requirements.
POWER ELECTRONICS Application in Consumer, Telecom, Automotive, Wearable, Space and Defence, Fuel Cells, Battery Technologies.
SMART TEXTILES Wearables, Materials, Technologies, Applications, Markets, Reliability.
MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES AND MATERIALS Process Development, New Equipment, Clean Room Technologies, Yield Improvement, Cost and Cycle Time Reduction, Green Manufacturing, Micromachining, Dispensing, Printing, Deposition, Adhesives, Encapsulants, Underfills, Moulding Compounds, Advanced Solder Alloys, Halogen Free Materials, Dielectrics, Ceramics.
MODELLING Electrical Modelling and Signal Integrity: Time and Frequency Domain Analysis of Interconnection and Packaging Technologies, Thermal Characterisation and Cooling Solutions, Modelling and Simulation Methodology for Characterisation of Advanced Packaging, Modules and Systems, Novel Cooling Techniques, Mechanical Modelling and Structural Integrity, Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis, Vibration and Shock Tests.
THERMAL MANAGEMENT Techniques, Heatsinks, Heat pumping.
RELIABILITY and QUALITY Specialised topics, Components, Counterfeits, Board and System Level Reliability Assessment, Failure Analysis, Interfacial Adhesion, Accelerated Testing, Reliability Engineering, Inspection and Test, Obsolescence Engineering, Prognostics.
COMPUTING Ambient Intelligence methods and products, Circuits and Systems, Touch Screen technologies.
APPLICATIONS Medical, Bio-Tec, Telecoms, Mobile, Smart Phones, RFID, Automotive, Aerospace, Robotics, Consumer, Structural
BUSINESS ASPECTS Electronics and Photonics, In-house or Outsource?, Markets, Supply Chain, Distribution, Microelectronics packaging and assembly industry

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