>SC2: The Science of Bond Testing

SC2 title

The Science of Bond Testing

SC2 Duration

09.00-13.30. Refreshment break 11.00-11.30

SC2 instructor

Bob Sykes

XYZTECbv, J.F. Kennedylaan 14-B, 5981XC Panningen, The Netherlands.

+31 77 306 09 20

SC2 instructor credentials


A leading authority in Bond Testing Technology Bob Sykes is Chief Technical Officer for XYZTECbv.  In this position together with his previous position as the Technical Director for Dage Precision Industries he has gained worldwide recognition as an expert in the field of the development and design of bond testing equipment. His many achievements include:

•              Chief Designer of the Sigma and Dage 4000 ranges of Bond Testers

•              Adviser to JEDEC on Bond Testing standards

•              7 granted company patents and many others pending

•              Author and co-authored for many papers on the subject of Bond Testing

•              Author and instigator of the “Science of Bond Testing” educational course

Bob has an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Mechanical Engineering. He has over 28 years experience in the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry.

SC2 objective


The success of the very latest developments in semiconductors and electronics, together with those that went before, depend on good and reliable bonds. Because of this the Bond Strength Tester has become an invaluable tool. Early tests were relatively simple but bond testing developed in line with the industry leading to the methods currently available. At the same time test standards were developed by individual manufactures and consortiums with common interests. This development has up to now been an evolution. This meets most of what we think we need but lacks any common understanding of the fundamental objectives. The course is derived from decades of experience designing bond tests for the widest range of applications. It elevates bond testing to a science that takes you through the process of designing the optimum bond test for any process. For example the course shows you how to decide if a pull test is better than a shear test, what speed to test at, what the best tool shape is. You may wonder why tests are done a certain way. The course will help you to both understand and challenge accepted practice. It is essential to anyone who relies on Bond Test data.

SC2 outline


Session One:  Presentation on Bond Testing Objectives (module BTM1.1)

Session Two: Presentation on Principle bond testing parameters & Data output (module BTM1.2)

Session Three: Interactive discussion inviting audience to participate and debate their own Bond Testing requirements and issues with reference to modules,

Pull testing BTM2.1

Shear Testing BTM2.2

Wrap Up

SC2 target audience

Anyone who relies on Bond Test data, including, Package Designers, Production Engineers, Quality Assurance Managers.